Our Mission

The Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation’s mission is to serve economically vulnerable mothers and newborns by increasing access to maternal and infant care. Our work carries on the legacy of Jenn Lawson, who was passionate about making available to all mothers the same level of care she received for her own complicated pregnancies.

Sadly, infants born to mothers who don’t receive prenatal care are “three times more likely to have a low birth weight and five times more likely to die than those born to mothers who do get care,” according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The New England Journal of Medicine also noted that for mothers, getting prenatal care particularly during the first trimester “can play an important role in the detection and surveillance of pregnancy complications and chronic disease.”

But too many moms aren’t able to access the care they want for themselves and their babies. In Arlington, Va., 23% of pregnant mothers don’t receive early prenatal care, often because they’re economically vulnerable and uninsured. In DC, that number is nearly double.

JB-LF envisions a community where all mothers and newborns receive the support they need to thrive. Jennifer dedicated her life to her children and to being the best mother possible. She believed that every mother – regardless of race, ethnicity, or economic status – should have an opportunity to do the same.