Mother’s Day Campaign 2017

2017 Mother’s Day FUNDRAISING Campaign

Moms make a difference…and the JB-LF wants to make a difference for every mom. By creating access to healthcare and providing support for economically vulnerable mothers, we are working to make it easier for all moms to get their children off to the best possible start in life.


Any support helps, but especially this week of Mother’s Day when all your actions support #HeathyMomsHealthyBabies.

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Share stories about your mom (or a mom that inspires you) on Facebook on Mother’s Day. We all know at least one mom who TOLD YOU SO! Share a story about a life lesson you learned from your mom or a mom you know and how it impacted your life. Post pictures in the comments section, tag the JB-LF Facebook page AND use the hashtag #MomsAlwaysKnow so we can learn from your experiences!

Donate to the JB-LF.  In memory of Jennifer Lawson and the amazing mother she was, the members of the JB-LF Board will match every dollar donated to the JB-LF this week (May 5 – 14), up to $4000.

Thank you for your generous donations!