Impact of the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation

The Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation is making an immediate impact on mothers and children in need living in our community, including these special initiatives:


  • Access to well child medical care.  JB-LF funds newborn well child medical care (0-12 months) at Arlington Pediatric Center for infants of low-income and uninsured families.
  • Access to specialty care: JB-LF is making specialized medical care accessible for the infants of  low-income or uninsured families who are unable to afford these services.
  • Safe place to sleep: JB-LF is providing new pack and plays to families in need so their newborns have a safe place to sleep when discharged from the hospital.


  • Pre-natal monitoring: JB-LF is helping low-income mothers  monitor their pregnancies from home, including managing conditions such as hypertension.
  • Prenatal care access: JB-LF is making screenings, such as ultrasounds and fetal non-stress tests,  accessible for low-income mothers.
  • Prenatal Appointments: JB-LF is removing barriers to care by subsidizing transportation for low-income and uninsured mothers to get to their prenatal appointments.